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Unlocking Futures, is a nonprofit created primarily
  to support families who are raising children
with an incarcerated parent.


In the state of Ohio, there are currently 56,000 children who have a parent that is incarcerated. The affects of losing a parent can cause children to suffer emotional distress, financial hardships, as well as broken parental relationships. The loss of one parents income can cause the caretaker to struggle to provide food for their child/children, force them to move several times due to not being able to afford the rent/mortgage, and parental relationships become severed when children are unable to visit their parent while they are away. All of these affects are the catalyst to instability in a child's life as well as long lasting affects on their well being and development. Our goal is to help ensure that children maintain stability while their parent is incarcerated by helping both the caretaker and parent upon their release from prison.

We seek to break the cycle of broken homes one family at a time, by providing families with the resources needed in order to sustain themselves during the incarceration of a parent. Upon a parent's release from prison we strive to decrease their recidivism rate by helping them to overcome barriers that are placed  in front of them such as housing and employment issues. By helping both the caretaker and the parent upon their release we are supporting children in maintaining stability and permanent family connections.


Our Desire

  • To be a support system to families during the incarceration process from start to finish
  • To help families overcome obstacles that may arise due to a parent's incarceration
  • To help keep parental relationships together despite the parent being incarcerated

We seek to accomplish these important endeavors by:

  • Providing families with answers to their questions regarding incarceration
  • Provide them with guidance in terms of the incarceration process and what to expect (ie, visiting procedures, phone calls, emails, etc)
  • Provide mentoring to children to aid as an additional support system
  • Aid families in times of hardship in hopes of helping the caretaker to maintain stability for the child 
  • Providing prison transportation to help maintain parental connections