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Meet the Founder

A graduate of Franklin University, a Columbus, OH native and mother of a beautiful and bright 8 year old daughter;  Ashia Bruton founded Unlocking Futures out of her own experiences with having a loved one incarcerated. Ms. Bruton was 7 months pregnant when her child’s father became incarcerated and sentenced to 4yrs state and 9yrs federal time to be served consecutively.

The effects of her child’s father being incarcerated were felt drastically in terms of the household finances. Ms. Bruton endured many financial hardships, which included a car repossession, threats of eviction and utility disconnection, and sometimes not having food. When her daughter was 9 months old, Ms. Bruton while pursuing her bachelor’s degree, says that God gave her the vision to start a nonprofit that would help families raising children with an incarcerated parent. Over the last eight years she has dedicated her time to researching, establishing partnerships and building community relations to turn her vision into a reality.


“Being forced to be a single parent kept me up many nights crying and asking God why? That question has now been answered and I am dedicated to being a support system to other families who are in my situation and in hopes that they will be able to avoid many of the hardships I faced thanks to Unlocking Futures”  ~ Ashia Bruton