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Personal Development Sessions

We are proud to be offering an evidenced based program curriculum called Creating Lasting Family Connections. This program curriculum has been found to reduce recidivism by 60%. It entails three program curriculum's: Getting Real, Developing a Positive Response, and Developing Independence and Responsibility. The sessions are 16-18 weeks long and designed to assist the incarcerated parent during incarceration or after, the child, as well as the caretaker. The course curriculum helps to teach parents and children how to connect both their thoughts and feelings in order to begin to change thoughts and behavior patterns and build healthier relationships within their families and communities.

Food Assistance

We understand the financial impact that incarceration has on families. Many times as the caregiver you may be forced to decide between paying a bill and feeding your child. Unlocking Futures would like to aid in your support by offering food assistance for you and your child. If your reading this and your in this situation, don't leave our website without contacting our office TODAY at 614-385-0771. Allow us to help you relieve your worries of how you will feed your child tonight.


Prison Transportation

In 2007 the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that more than 1.7 million children under the age of 18 had a parent in a state or federal prison. Regular visits during a parents incarceration are VITAL to keeping families together. However, 60% of parents are incarcerated at least 100 miles away from their last place of residence. We are aware that for many families the lack of transportation in the home places a strain on being able to take the child to visit their parent. If you are interested in scheduling transportation for a visit to any of the state facilities in Ohio, PLEASE CALL US TODAY: 614-385-0771.

Children shouldn't be subjected to long periods of time away from their parents. Unlocking Futures is here to ensure that no child endures the lasting affects of not seeing their parent.

Federal Prison Accommodations

Here at Unlocking Futures we understand the huge financial strain that can be placed on a family when a parent is incarcerated in the Federal Prison System. In the state of Ohio, there are no Federal Prisons. Therefore, parents are sent to one of the nearest prisons which are located in West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Families are forced to travel 300+ miles to visit an incarcerated parent. Financially the caretaker then has to pay for gas or airfare depending on the location, food, rental car (if applicable), hotel, and have money for eating snacks once inside the prison on the 6-7hr visit. We understand that many parents may not receive visits or they receive very few visits due to the caretaker not being able to afford to make trips to visit. Here at Unlocking Futures, we believe in helping families to overcome barriers so that the impact of incarceration isn't felt by children. The Federal Prison Accommodations programs helps to aid families by providing gift cards for food and/or gas, and depending on the families situation and available funding we'll also cover hotel expenses. All children should maintain a relationship with their parent while they are away. Call Unlocking Futures today to see how we can help make your next visit possible 614-385-0771.

Monetary Hardship Funds

Losing a parent to incarceration also means losing one income. For many families this can cause a downward spiral when a caretaker is then forced to support a child/children by themselves with one income. Homelessness, and/or moving around repeatedly are harsh realities for some children. Caretakers can no longer afford their rent/mortgage on their own and have to continue to move to find affordable housing. Some caregivers face dilemmas such as whether to pay the light bill or feed their children. Unlocking Futures aids to help these families by providing active participants in our programs with the help they need monetarily, whether it's to keep the utilities on or paying the families rent. We aim to maintain stability in the homes of the children.

Referral Services for the parent upon release

Being released from prison can be a glorious moment as well as scary. It can be an uneasy feeling to be free, but not know where you will sleep, how you will eat, and the additional stress of figuring out how you can be an intrinsic part of your child's life as a parent and provider. The stress is even higher when people don't want to give you a job because your a felon, and society looks down upon you after serving your time and doesn't want to rent properties out to you either. Whatever, the barrier maybe, Unlocking Futures aims to help assist recently released parents by referring them to various organizations in the community in which Unlocking Futures has partnered up with to assist people in their situation. Our goal is to help parents to overcome the barriers that are placed in front of them, so that the likelihood of them returning to prison is slim. If you have a child and have just been released from prison within the last 6 months to 1 year, please contact our office TODAY 614-385-0771.