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Do you have a loved one incarcerated, but no way to go and visit them, due to the distance of the facility?

Are you raising a child who’s parent is incarcerated, and you have no means of transportation to take them to go and visit the parent?

Are you incarcerated and wish your child or loved one had the means to come and visit you?

Our transportation program begins October 15th. RESERVATIONS are being taken NOW! Call to Book your RIDE!

Call 614-385-0771 for reservations or book online via the “Contact” tab:RESERVATIONS now being accepted for October!!


Prisons in which we provide transportation:

  • Chillicothe Correctional Institution ~ $40 pp roundtrip
  • Ross Correctional Institution ~ $40 pp roundtrip
  • Franklin County Medical Center ~ $25 pp roundtrip
  • Dayton Correctional Institution ~ $40 pp roundtrip
  • Ohio Reformatory for Women ~ $40 pp roundtrip
  • Noble Correctional Institution~ $45 pp roundtrip
  • Marion Correctional Institution~ $45 pp roundtrip

If you are taking a child to visit a parent your ride and the child/ren’s ride is FREE