Our Programs


Having a parent who is incarcerated can leave children feeling alone & isolated. Once a month we mentor youth by planning various activities out in the community. The goal is for youth to know they are not alone and that they are supported and loved by caring adults. 


A parents incarceration can be a traumatic event for a child making it difficult for them to process the transition emotionally. To make matters worse many prisons are located miles away from the child's place of residence making prison visitation difficult or non-existent. Unlocking Futures offers transportation to any Ohio prison facility. 

Generational Leadership

Communication is a learned behavior. For some adults they lacked learning healthy communication skills and therefore, they were unable to pass those skill sets onto their children. Thus, when children who experience a traumatic event such as parental incarceration on top of lacking effective communication skills, it equals behavioral challenges for the child. Our Generational Leadership program was designed to teach youth healthy forms of communication, drug & alcohol prevention, as well as aid them in processing the trauma behind having an incarcerated parent.